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Listen Up, wh0r3s!!!!!!!!!!11111111

Here's the main post... Yup. This will be in the favorites in case we need to refer back to it.

-|)4 |2|_||_35-
(If you can't read that then get out of here you |_|//\\//1337 |=00|_!!!)

1. |=ill out the bio behind the LJ cut so we can get to know you. (Make your own damn entrance post.)
2. |*ick one of your favorite 1337 wordz (or swear word) and tell me (seraphicautumn_). You will then be the "Master" of that word (we ARE in a dojo). This gives you chances to bitch to other people about how 1337 your word is!!
3. If you're an annoying little shit, then I will ban you. Symptoms of being an annoying little shit are:
- Flooding the community with SPAM. -.-
- Harassing any member of this community in their personal journal (and I will report you to LJ abuse, because I r0xx0rz).
- Disrespecting the maintainers more than just in a 1337 way.
- Haxx0ring your fellow haxx0rz. (That's just GEI.)
(There will most likely be more rules added when/if I get complaints. I will inform the community when rules are changed, alterated, etc. If you have comments or questions e-mail, or IM me at Invader Katness or such a f0x. Purrrr...)
4. |*icture |2ulez:
- You CAN post pictures.
- If the picture is large, PLEASE put it behind the LJ cut, or modify it.
- If the picture is pornographic (preferrably don't post intense porn pics) or "disgusting," PUT IT BEHIND THE LJ CUT!! ... Or die.
5. $hare |=unny 5hit! Everyone loves to sit on their asses and watch cool videos, or play good games. Show us some funny shit you find!
6. |\/|ake stuff for the community. Banners, icons... we'll use 'em.
7. I'm warning everyone now, there WILL be assholes in the community.
9. 6ot somebody j00 h8 on-line? Post their screen name and/or e-mail address and bored members may as well harass them! ^_^

Other communities to check out:
icw (Insomniac Computer Whores)

First Name:
Nickname (if you want):
Years of Being 1337:
Master of:
Favorite Movie:
Favorite Musician/Artist/Band:
Favorite cartoon/anime:
Favorite comic/manga:
Brag About Your 1337 Skillz!!!111111:
Favorite On-line Insult:
|)0 j00 |-||27 |_||21/\/4|_ (4|<35?:
4|23 j00 |_||33|2 1337, 0r ju5t l33t?:
Who do you want to hump?:

Reply away... Er.. Post away... Hump away.. o_O;;;
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